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Moving On

I’ve started to sort into my archives, but I’m getting past galleries. This site isn’t what I need! I’ve started to take a look into making a better site, starting from scratch.
I may or may not finish completing this site as I might have gone on to better things, and a brand spanking new site! It may however take a while to get a grasp on what I want in the site.

For now, I’ll stick with this one, thought it won’t be seeing too much effort now that I have my eyes on a new prize!



Sometimes you make a resolution to do something, and it ends up being much easier than you anticipated!

I realized that I can’t update two categories a day, because I only had one left, and it’s done! That means all the pages are updated! *yaaaayyyy* So now all that’s left is to put all the old images into archives, then post the new ones!

Check out some galleries!





Slow Improvements

I am making progress, slow progress, but progress. But any progress is good progress! The only way to move forward is one step at a time!

I have decided to TRY to get two categories updated a day, except for today. For today I just updated ‘Plants’. Hopefully in the near future I will start moving things to the archives, and then begin uploading all new images!

For now, check out a few of the updated pages!
PLANTS: 20130203-20130203-_DSC2459-Edit

INANIMATE: jpegfull-1426

ELEMENTS: untitled-7830-2

Some More Work

And now to get back to finishing the site! I really need to stop getting behind! XD

A Little further

How do you move forward? One step at a time!
I am updating one page a day, so soon enough, the whole site will be updated, I will add the new images, and put the old ones in archives! So far I have recently updated the ‘General Galleries’ page, the ‘More Galleries’ page, and a couple categories in those gallery pages! Here are a couple (Top: Landscapes, Bottom: Animals):